CO2 refrigeration is making a comeback

CO2 refrigeration looks set to become accepted once again as a mainstream cooling technology in the US.

Why use CO2 refrigeration?

There are several advantages to using CO2 as a commercial and industrial refrigerant:

  • As it is a very dense gas, compressors for CO2 refrigeration can be much smaller than those used for ammonia-based systems, saving on floor space
  • As a natural product, CO2 has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and a global warming potential (GWP) of only 1
  • CO2 boasts low toxicity and is also non-flammable
  • At lower temperatures, CO2 refrigeration systems operate at a greater level of efficiency than their ammonia counterparts
  • The maintenance and operating costs of CO2 systems are proven to be lower overall

It’s easy to see why carbon dioxide systems are making a comeback.

How much does a CO2 system cost?

It used to be the case that CO2 refrigeration systems cost a lot more to install than ammonia versions. However, the price of an initial system installation is now comparable between the two refrigerants.

These developments in the market are due to increased competition keeping end-user costs down. CO2 refrigeration systems are proving a viable option for the first time in many decades and many companies look ready to start reaping the benefits of having their own installation.

The use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant has seen a burgeoning resurgence around the world since the technology was ‘re-invented’ by Gustav Lorentzen in the 1990s. This new report further illustrates the technology as a viable refrigeration method in 2017 and beyond.

Green Cooling

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