What is a Cold Room?

It might sound like a simple question, but there are actually many types of built-in refrigeration.

Essentially, a cold room is a walk-in facility which controls its internal temperature using refrigerants. This is exactly the same as a domestic refrigerator, except on a larger scale. These rooms can be used to maintain temperatures either above or below freezing, depending on the type of storage required. This capability is extremely useful in the world of food preparation.

Cold rooms can utilise different refrigerants including CO2 (an option available for the GC-NEXGEN range).

What Advantages does a Cold Room Provide?

Cold rooms offer a wide range of advantages over standard cooling apparatus. For starters, your system can be built to specifically address your individual requirements. This keeps running costs down and safeguards convenience.

The sheer scale of a cold room makes it the best choice for kitchens or other facilities where large amounts of product must be stored at a specific temperature.

It is also much more convenient for workers to use cold rooms than traditional fridges and freezers, particularly when the door will be opened and closed often. Cold rooms are designed in such a way that minimises heat and moisture ingress. They are an essential feature for commercial kitchen refrigeration.

Why is Green Cooling Different?

At Green Cooling, we specialise in the production and fitting of highly energy-efficient cold rooms.  Our products are intended for use in commercial and industrial applications.

These industries include:

Hotels Restaurants
Airports Public sector buildings
Retail Leisure
Production Logistics
Cold Room at Café Royal, London Kitchen

Cold Room installation at the Café Royal, London


A cold room is the next logical step for any facility which no longer finds standard refrigeration or freezer equipment to be sufficient. This is usually due to expansion or reliability issues; with proper use, cold rooms are extremely reliable with low running and upkeep costs.

Our expert installers have a proven track record of providing high-quality cold rooms for each of these sectors. We also pride ourselves on our consistent completion of projects both on-time and within budget.

To find out more about cold rooms or to book a consultation, why not contact the Green Cooling team today?

Call 01253 685 145 or send your question to info@greencooling.co.uk and start your journey towards energy-efficient cold room storage.

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