commercial wine coolers

Subtle changes in temperature, humidity, UV light levels and vibrations all impact what’s happening inside a wine bottle. If you want to serve fine wine in your establishment that will leave a lasting impression, it is essential that you store it correctly. A Green Cooling commercial wine cooler will make sure everything is as it should be, to keep the contents of each bottle in its best condition. 

Wine Cooler Vs Standard Drinks Refrigerator

A wine cooler is set to a higher temperature range than a refrigerator or beverage cooler because wine should not be stored as cold as other beverages. Typically, a wine cooler will not go to temperatures below 46°F degrees. A standard beverage refrigerator also does not offer the same storage shelves that a wine cooler is designed with.

Different Temperatures For Different Wines

As you’ll likely know already, white wine should be stored and served cooler than red. But there are other factors that determine what temperature a wine should be kept at. As a general rule, the fuller bodied the red wine, the warmer it should be kept. This means the range can be anywhere between 12˚C and 19˚C.

Sparkling and sweet white wines should be kept to a cooler temperature than dry whites like Sauvignon Blanc. Recommendations for these spans from 5˚C to 12˚C.

Our commercial wine coolers let you have complete control of the temperature of your wine, for storage and service.

Commercial Wine Cooler Benefits

In addition to temperature control, there are a number of other benefits to having a commercial wine cooling unit installed. These include:

Humidity & Ventilation Control

The humidity level where you store your wine is significant. Moisture prevents the cork from drying out, although too much of it may cause mould. We install commercial wine coolers that will keep your wine at the right humidity level.

UV Protection

You may not have considered it, but sunlight can damage your wine. Exposure to UV rays destroys the tannins in the wine, altering the colour and flavour. We can provide wine coolers with glass doors that have built-in UV protection, to prevent this from happening.


Slight movements such as vibrations can affect the way sediments naturally settle towards the bottom of a bottle.

Interior Lighting

Illuminate your showcase of wines and highlight luxury bottles as the centerpiece of your display with interior lighting.