Do you own a bar, restaurant, cafe or store that sells food & beverages? If so, you’ll need an elegant & efficient display refrigeration solution. There are a wide range of different units available and types of equipment to choose from, so we have put together this guide to provide all you need to know about display refrigeration.

Keeping large quantities of stock at the optimum temperature, while also showcasing your products in an alluring way is not always an easy task. Depending on the layout of your establishment, you may have lots of room to do this, or you may need a more bespoke solution in order to maximise the space you have. Below, we answer some commonly asked questions about commercial display refrigeration and offer you some guidance as to which solution might best suit your requirements.


What is Display Refrigeration?

Display refrigeration is a broad term which refers to equipment that is used to store and display food/drinks in commercial establishments. It is a way of keeping produce in low temperatures whilst giving clear visibility to customers of what you have on offer.

Whether its self-service or if the unit will be on display behind a bar, glass door displays offer an ideal way to store chilled drinks or fresh food items. Customers will be drawn in by the temptation of the products on show and can browse at their leisure.

There is a wide range of display refrigeration equipment available on the market, ranging from typical cabinet fridges/freezers, to completely bespoke luxury units that offer maximum visual impact. The type of equipment you choose will depend on the products that you are displaying, and the aesthetics of your establishment.


what is display refrigeration


Different Types of Display Refrigeration

Commercial display fridges and commercial display freezers are available in a range of different sizes & styles. For example in a supermarket, a large, reach-in freezer with glass doors would be an ideal solution for displaying frozen goods.

Display fridges & freezers are available in upright or undercounter styles. Undercounter refrigerators feature only a single door. Upright fridges offer the option of single door, double door or triple door designs, each with increasing capacities, so that you can increase the amount of stock to meet demand. Upright glass door freezers are also available with single, double and triple door options.

Another aspect to consider is the number of shelves that you require. Of course, the larger the equipment, the more shelves will come as standard. With a bespoke solution like at Green Cooling, shelves can be designed to meet your individual business requirements.

With a wide range of units available, there’s plenty of choice to cater for every business size, however large or small.


Special features can include:

  • Stunning aesthetics and design – Display refrigerators are typically much more attractive than standard refrigerators, which is essential for front of house display. With a bespoke solution, you can ensure that your display refrigeration unit complements your brand image.
  • Left & right hinged doors – Units can be adapted to accommodate for all different floor layouts. Sliding doors are also an option if space is limited.
  • Internal lighting – Presenting your products in the best possible light is a key feature of display refrigeration. This means that products will stand out visually and can be clearly identified by customers.
  • Self-closing doors – If a display refrigerator is frequently opened and closed by customers, self closing doors are a great option to maintain maximum performance and conserve energy.
  • Clear temperature displays – This means that routine checks can be carried out quickly & produce can easily be kept at the right temperature.
  • Security – Locks can be added to units to provide an extra level of security for stock during out of hours periods.


Cleaning & Maintenance

To maintain hygiene and optimum performance, here are some tips for looking after your display refrigeration units:

  • Clean cabinets frequently with a cloth and soapy water. This should be done to maintain the aesthetics of the display, as much as to conform to food hygiene standards.
  • Keep vents, fans and the condenser clear of dust and debris by either wiping with a cloth or lightly vacuuming.
  • If manual defrost is a requirement for your unit, make sure this is carried out as soon as any ice build-up is noticeable.
  • Inspect door seals for signs of damage or wear and tear on a regular basis. If damage is found early, basic repair work can be carried out to prevent the escape of cold air.
  • Ensure that your display refrigeration equipment is serviced once a year by a qualified refrigeration engineer.


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