Nowadays, Lithuanian retailers are increasingly focusing on the implementation of eco-friendly solutions to their businesses. One of the companies is RIMI Lietuva, which is a part of the RIMI Baltic group and hence the ICA group, one of the largest retailers in Northern Europe. In recent years it has opened a series of new supermarkets across Lithuania that apply energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

A new concept, up to 1722 sq. m. extended HYPER RIMI, opened after the reconstruction in the northern part of Vilnius, has also paved the way for green energy-saving solutions. Worth to mention are LED lighting with motion sensors and transcritical booster refrigeration system on the natural CO refrigerant, which also uses excess heat for water and premises heating. Thus, the shopping center saves 20% of its electricity and can operate without the centralized heat supply. FREOR has played the role in HYPER RIMI renovation project by providing refrigeration equipment that operates on using carbon dioxide only.

FREOR has long focused on creating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. The company produces Green Wave CO product line, designed to operate on R744 (CO) refrigerant in the remote refrigeration system. Carbon dioxide, used as a refrigerant, is a natural gas that is obtained industrially from the air and therefore has no negative effect on the environment and does not cause global warming (GWP, the global warming potential is equal to 1), while fluorinated gases (HFCs), widely used in commercial refrigeration, are highly pollutive and has a strong impact on the greenhouse effect.

The Green Wave CO line refrigeration equipment has been installed in HYPER RIMI: JUPITER multidecks with sliding doors; JUPITER BACK LOADER cabinets for easy re-fill from their back side, which is in the cold room; the line of VEGA QB self-service and serve-over counters; the shopping islands with semi-verticals PLUTON. The HELLA freezer islands and the DELTA combi-freezer cabinet line were formed in the frozen food department. All the equipment perfectly matches the needs of the green RIMI store, as it employs energy-efficient technologies, such as temperature optimizing multideck dual air curtain, economical LED lighting, automatic door closing system.

Despite the high CO refrigeration system installation costs, it is becoming increasingly popular and we see growing demand for this type of system in the East European market as well. Heat emitted during the cooling process can be used for generating electricity, for heating or cooling of sales area, and for water heating. In the long run, this significantly reduces store expenses and allows independence from external energy suppliers.

In the near future, due to the limitation of the use of fluorinated gases in accordance with Regulation No. 517/2014, the F-gases with high GWP value would be prohibited, including widely in its field used HFC refrigerants. Taking into consideration all the circumstances, interest in this topic is growing and companies are increasingly focusing on green cooling solutions.

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