Highlights of Green Cooling’s first year include:-

  • The development and delivery of the GC-Nexgen range of industry leading cold room systems
  • The launch of a new wine and meat display range – Wine Walls Direct
  • The design and installation of the GC food service refrigeration heat recovery systems – GCITH

The Team…

These achievements represent significant milestones for the company and with this in mind, the Green Cooling management team are very happy with progress made to date.

Garry Broadbent

Having worked in commercial and industrial refrigeration for over 20 years it is really encouraging to see the potential in delivering projects that are based on efficiency and innovative design. However, whilst the potential for Green Cooling is very clear we must also remain conscious of the demands and requirements of a new business operating in the current economic climate. With this in mind, we have set out to build Green Cooling with secure foundations in order to deliver shareholder and customer value alongside achieving long-term security for both our suppliers and clients.

David Blinkhorn

Over the past few years I have seen significant changes in how the refrigeration industry works. These changes have had a real impact on how companies in our sector are able to operate and deliver services to the customer. However, it is great to now be working within a company that is focused on developing a long-term business model with structure and processes that allows us to operate efficiently, whilst providing a high level of service to the client. From my perspective Green Cooling allows me to focus on the technical areas of design, specification & installation, which are definitely where my strengths lie.

Scott Pilkington

I have been working within this industry for over ten years now and I have definitely learnt a great deal over that period. My role with Green Cooling is allowing me to build on that knowledge and is providing me with an opportunity to grow with the company; my objective is to continue growing the business and to add value to our clients’ operations. Our centralised system solutions do provide a different approach to food service refrigeration, however our standard ranges still allow us to look after a customer’s base specification cold room requirements.

Looking Forward…

Looking to 2014, Green Cooling will be announcing an exciting new development based around its own GC range of CO2 Heating & Cooling equipment. This range of equipment will provide a real industry step forward and offer significant benefits to both Specifiers and end users.

In summary, Green Cooling may still be a relatively new name in the industry but their approach and extensive experience provides clients with the knowledge that they are working with a technically sound operation, based on solid engineering practice coupled with an innovative and quality driven approach.

The following project studies provide a flavour of the type of work Green Cooling has delivered during 2013/14:

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