As mentioned in our post last week (Green Cooling speak at Atmosphere 2015), Green Cooling were invited to speak at the 6th ATMOshpere Conference which was held in Brussels on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March.

Below, you will find links to presentations and pictures from the event, sent to us from ATMOsphere, as well as to the summary video and to several articles published about ATMOsphere Europe 2015.

Presentations and pictures from ATMOsphere Europe 2015:

View presentations

View pictures

The ATMOsphere Europe 2015 summary video

European Commission workshop on standards & codes

The European Commission brainstorming workshop on codes, standards and legislation was held on Tuesday, 17 March and aimed to give input to the European Commission study carried out under the EU F-Gas Regulation to identify whether:

  • the EU level codes, standards and legislation create unnecessary barriers to uptake of natural refrigerants
  • there are further national or regional codes, standards and legislation that create extra barriers to the use of natural refrigerants in certain EU Member States (i.e. requirements that go beyond the various EU level Directives and standards)

Reporting on industry platforms:

The first articles about ATMOsphere Europe 2015 have been published:

ATMOsphere Europe – preparing for widespread natural refrigerant use in light of F-Gas Regulation (

Market well prepared for widespread uptake of natural refrigerants – ATMOsphere Europe 2015 (

TripleAqua heat pump system, a new, CO2 neutral way of heating and cooling buildings (

EU F-Gas Regulation and national legislation creating further opportunities for natural refrigerants (

ATMOsphere Europe market trends: efficient solutions for southern Europe on the rise, doubters proved wrong (

NH3 heat pump: “new industry standard in energy optimisation” (

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