Green Cooling IgluIglu is known for developing and producing a complete range of high-quality cooling and freezing equipment and prides itself on being able to provide the most flexible and professional restaurant environments possible from both front- and back-of-house perspectives.

Green Cooling has a strong reputation as a leading specialist provider of refrigeration systems with particular focus on delivering efficient and environmentally focused natural refrigerant CO2 designs to the Food Service sector.

The company boasts a strong track record of delivering high efficiency refrigeration equipment and systems to UK specifiers and designers.

Hence this new formal partnership builds on both companies’ strengths, enabling Iglu and Green Cooling to move forward and deliver an increased level of quality and service to UK specifiers, designers and contractors.

Under the terms of the agreement, Green Cooling will provide the complete range of Iglu CO2 equipment to the UK market on an exclusive basis.

Combining the manufacturing and design capability of Iglu with the specialist refrigeration capabilities of Green Cooling now means that a complete system approach can be applied that is geared towards providing the most efficient and sustainable centralised remote refrigeration designs.

Centralised and remote natural refrigeration systems offer definite benefits over integral plug in cabinets, delivering significantly increased efficiency and reduced energy use whilst providing the user with a future proof installation (no F Gas legislation compliance issues) via the use of the natural refrigerant CO2.

For example an Iglu Wine Display Cabinet can now be provided with the latest most efficient and sustainable remote natural refrigerant cooling system.

This means that the Wine Cabinet will not only provide the usual high standards of Iglu design and functionality but will now also deliver with respect to providing the optimum levels of system efficiency and sustainability.

Therefore the application of a diligent design approach is an important factor where centralised and remote refrigeration equipment is concerned, basically because the efficiency and environmental benefits that are delivered via the use of natural refrigerants are reliant on a coordinated system design from the initial concept stages, which is the key to achieving the benefits summarised above.

‘This is why the new alliance has been formed,’ commented Armando Pujatti CEO of Iglu, ‘we understand that CO2 refrigeration systems rely on the correct selection of all items, yes the Iglu element is an important component but to operate at optimum design levels the accompanying CO2 refrigeration system must also be of the highest level of quality possible’, continuing, ‘this is why our partnership with Green Cooling is so important, enabling us to deliver this complete system approach encompassing high quality equipment and the most efficient and sustainable centralised remote refrigeration installations to our UK clients’.

From a Green Cooling perspective this alliance and partnership enables a complete system approach to be adopted, Scott Pilkington of Green Cooling commented,’ our approach to refrigeration design always takes into account front and back of house equipment and to be able to directly select and provide the high quality and proven range of Iglu CO2 equipment means we can now add significant value to our range of specifier, designer and contractor services’.

Therefore both Iglu and Green Cooling look forward to developing existing and new relationships in order to deliver the opportunities that natural refrigeration provides to a much wider market.

This will be achieved by providing the type of specialist approach, from both system design and installation perspectives, that CO2 refrigeration systems demand.

Combining the strengths of two leading providers with complimentary services in associated fields makes perfect sense in any sector.

However, the compliance demands now being placed on the Food Service industry via the F Gas phase-out legislation mean that the natural refrigerant CO2 is becoming much more relevant in terms of futureproofing a food service project throughout its project life cycle.

CO2 natural refrigerant systems future proof against restricted availability of F Gas chemical refrigerants and the associated increased maintenance costs throughout the circa 12 to 15-year life of installed refrigeration equipment.

Additionally, when the continuing increase in electricity/energy costs is combined with this F Gas compliance demand it is clear that highly efficient low energy CO2 refrigeration equipment and systems are here to stay. This is a fact demonstrated by the increasing levels of CO2 specifications and installations over the past few years.

In summary, the Iglu and Green Cooling partnership is intended to enable specifiers, designers and contractors to incorporate CO2 refrigeration systems within Food Service projects by providing a specialist design to installation service combined with the highest quality equipment and an approach based around value and reliability.

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