Experience with a Proven Track Record

For this reason the Italian manufacturer Enex, who are recognised as being one of the leaders in the design & manufacture of packaged CO2 refrigeration equipment, has appointed Green Cooling as their UK distribution partner.

Green Cooling’s management team has extensive experience within both the CO2 and Hydrocarbon refrigeration sectors from both design and installation perspectives. This experience is driving the impressive growth of Green Cooling within the specialist area of natural and low global warming refrigeration.

The management of Enex feel that the specialist approach of Green Cooling, which is geared towards providing highly efficient refrigeration systems, with a low environmental impact, fits perfectly with the Enex range of CO2 equipment.

Green Cooling provides a complete service covering the design, specification, installation and commissioning of refrigeration systems across a wide range of critical applications. The Green Cooling management team have been working alongside the team at Enex for a number of years and this close relationship has now brought the two companies together in a formal distributor/manufacturer partnership.

Garry Broadbent of Green Cooling comments, “We are extremely pleased that we are now able to offer the Enex CO2 range on a formal UK distribution basis”, continuing, “our approach is best practice driven and totally engineering focused which is completely aligned with the way Enex operate”.

Great Potential for CO2 Cooling & Heating

It appears that this specialist approach will drive growth across a range of applications.

The Enex range includes low temperature -25°C and medium temperature 0°C packaged CO2 refrigeration units for freezer and chiller applications.
However the Enex range also includes 80°C CO2 air & ground source heat pumps for the production of hot water.

It is clear that the Enex CO2 range will provide very clear & definite benefits for BREEAM projects, however the range will also prove to be extremely beneficial for any project that is geared towards delivering a practical high efficiency refrigeration system.

Enex 50kW packaged CO2 refrigeration unit with dual -25°C/0°C outputs plus optional 100% heat recovery output at 50°C.

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