Hydrocarbon Refrigeration from Green Cooling – Eco-Integra Standard Specification

  • BREEAM compliant with No HFC refrigerant.
  • All Systems are integral type – For ease of installation.
  • Water cooled and air cooled options available to suite client demand.
  • Systems come standard with leak detection to meet regularity demands.
  • Offering an annual energy saving of up to 25% Minimizing on going operational cost.
  • Ceiling mounted or wall mounted types enabling easy specification.
  • Standard with LED low energy lighting.
  • PIR Insulation offering excellent insulation properties, using pentane free blowing agents with no NOx emmissions Breeam approved.
  • PIR insulation is approved by the Loss Prevention Council.

hydrocarbon refrigeration

Learn more about our different types of refrigeration technology here. Don’t forget: Green Cooling’s technicians are also experts in CO2 refrigeration. This is another natural refrigerant offering low environmental impact.