Our experienced design team will consider the requirements of the project to provide a kitchen refrigeration system that meets both performance and environmental demands.

Green Cooling provides a range of solutions and systems that utilise standard refrigerants. However the company also specialises in CO2-based refrigeration system technology that combines high efficiency with the highest level of environmental performance.

A complete range of individual or packaged commercial refrigeration systems is available with a standard or bespoke chilled, cold store or heat exchange system to match the specific project requirements.

Green Cooling will carry out an initial site meeting complete with pro-active design suggestions. We work with the client to achieve the most cost effective specification without compromising on performance. This approach allows us to offer reliable refrigeration equipment.

Green Cooling provides a specialist service geared towards delivering high efficiency commercial refrigeration.

These systems are provided on a design, specification and installation basis supported by a wealth of experience that encompasses many differing industry sectors and application types.

Green Cooling specialises in three distinct areas; the provision of refrigerated storage to satisfy both frozen and chilled demands, the application of high efficiency cooling systems using CO2 and the design & installation of cooling systems with full or partial heat recovery.

Recover waste heat from existing refrigeration equipment – 100% cost saving with free heat energy.

Green Cooling provides a range of commercial refrigeration solutions which utilise standard refrigerants. We also offer CO2-based technologies which are both highly efficient and conscious of ecological impact.

Green Cooling offers a complete design, specification and fitting service for any size of project. From a single cold room through to comprehensive  centralised refrigeration, Our specialist technicians can fit kitchens with either standard refrigerants or natural options like CO2.

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