The Green Temperature Rental team has over 25 years’ temperature control rental experience having been responsible for numerous innovations in both cooling and heating rental.

This experience is now focused on providing both short and long-term temperature control rental solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

The primary focus of Green Temperature Rental is geared towards providing energy efficient medium and low-temperature cooling systems that
have the capability to provide air temperatures between 5°C and -30°C in order to provide both freezer and chilled conditions.

Additionally process & production cooling systems are also provided from 10kW to 3,000kW in terms of delivering both chilled water or glycol and medium to low temperature air.

The Green Temperature Rental approach is completely modular which enables fast reaction and mobilisation times to be achieved:

  Process cooling systems from 5kW to 3,000kW        Low temperature -30°C air from 5kW to 500kW
  Modular cold-storage from 10sqm to 2,500sqm        Packaged heating systems from 10kW to 3,000kW