Bespoke Waste Heat Recovery Systems

The Green Cooling waste heat recovery system is extremely flexible and can provide significant benefits:

√  Heating system support       √  Boiler or direct water heater replacement
√  Wash down water production       √  Process and production heating
√  Space heating systems       √  Displace fossil fuels
√  Reduce energy costs       √  Reduce carbon emissions

Green Cooling will provide an initial site appraisal to determine if waste heat recovery from refrigeration system technology could be cost effective and beneficial in terms of pay back.

Once this initial assessment is completed, a design and project scope will be provided which can incorporate an energy assessment with the specific recommendations detailed accordingly.

Green Cooling’s team of experts can provide a full service, from site surveys to design and installation. We have already built many waste heat recovery systems in facilities throughout the UK. With our help, your facility can reduce wasted energy and costs whilst reducing its carbon footprint. Browse our range of energy products here.

If you would like to know more about our waste heat recovery systems, please fill in the form below or call our friendly team on 01253 685 145.


Eureka has been at the forefront of Refrigeration Waste Heat Recycling for many years and provides a range of flexible systems to suit any application ranging from a single site restaurant through to a large scale manufacturing plant, these systems can be provided on either a retrofit or new installation basis.

With energy costs and carbon emissions becoming increasingly more relevant, Eureka enables a site operator to utilise on-site waste energy from refrigeration or cooling systems to deliver valuable and low carbon heat, providing direct and immediate cost savings.

Eureka’s unique integration method and control system enable the waste heat from refrigeration to be utilised on site to provide either heating or hot water outputs which can then operate alongside the existing heating boilers.