Publishing ‘Estimated impacts of energy and climate change policies on energy prices and bills’, Ministers pledged to do even more to help people and businesses struggling with high energy bills caused by long-term rising gas prices.

The Government’s energy and climate change policies will help meet the UK’s carbon reduction commitments; keeping the lights on through a diverse energy mix and placing the British economy at the leading edge of a new booming global green energy market worth around £3.3 trillion and growing larger every year.

Secretary of State Edward Davey said:

“Global gas price hikes are squeezing households. They are beyond any government’s control and, by all serious predictions, are likely to continue rising.

“We are doing all we can to offset these global energy price rises, and while we have more to do, this new study shows our policies are putting a cushion between global prices and the bills we all pay.”

Read the press notice in full and the prices and bills analysis

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