restaurant air conditioning

Air Conditioning for a Better Restaurant Experience

Your reputation as a restaurant is formed from the experience that customers have while dining in your establishment. In order to offer the best experience possible, a number of factors need to be carefully considered, including temperature control. Diners will expect conditions inside to be comfortable while they are eating, whatever the weather is doing outside.

Throughout the year, heating and cooling will be required to ensure that customers enjoy the atmosphere within your restaurant. Whether it’s keeping your customers warm in winter or cooling them down on a warm summer’s evening, Green Cooling can offer an energy efficient solution which will see you all the way through the year.

In addition, our team can design a bespoke air conditioning system which blends in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your cafe, bar or restaurant. A comprehensive air conditioning range will include ceiling cassettes, wall-mounted units, ceiling-mounted units and floor-mounted units.

With years of experience designing and installing restaurant air conditioning, we understand how to maximise space and make sure not to detract from the decor of your establishment.

Energy Efficiency

Green Cooling are at the forefront of energy efficiency in restaurant air conditioning. As with any form of mechanical equipment, correct application and specification is key to efficient operation and this is where our experience separates us from the rest.

The correct specification, design, supply and installation of air conditioning and heating systems can provide significant energy savings for clients. Not to mention the environmental benefits of using less energy, which is becoming essential for businesses to consider.

New technology enables us to provide increased levels of efficiency and it is now very clear that restaurant air conditioning and heating is no longer just a case of selecting an item from a wholesaler’s catalogue.

Green Cooling pays close attention to selecting the most efficient system for each project and always focuses on centralised system integration wherever possible.


restaurant air conditioning