ultra low temperature freezer

Ultra Low Temperature Storage

Ultra low temperature freezer storage is required for a number of medical and scientific applications, particularly where exact temperature control is an absolute necessity. For example, any deviation from a certain temperature may reduce the impact that a vaccine has, or even render it useless and a waste.

Each project we work on is unique, as we tailor the product to the requirements of your facility. However, some common features of our ultra low temperature storage systems include:

  • Energy-efficient, microprocessor-controlled freezing systems
  • Digital, user-friendly touchscreen displays
  • Lockable, card-entry or self-closing doors for sample security
  • Over-temperature alarms
  • Remote temperature monitoring with USB downloads
  • Inner doors and high-efficiency foam insulation to minimise temperature losses
  • Highly efficient pump systems for fast cool-down times
  • Safety back-up systems in the event of a power or mechanical failure

We will work closely with the client from the design stage through to installation, to make sure that all specifications are met. If you require a unique feature to be built in, please reach out to us and we will more than likely be able to assist.

Energy Efficient Solutions with Green Cooling

Green Cooling provide systems and equipment geared towards delivering the most energy efficient and environmentally practical cold storage solutions. Our industry leading, highly qualified team offer an approach which is focused on efficient design along with the objective of practically reducing operational costs for your organisation.

Acknowledged as specialists in providing innovative hospital & public sector cold storage solutions, Green Cooling are recognised by both consultants and operators for their ability to design and install ultra low temperature freezers for critical applications.

We are able to provide a full service from concept to completion. Using our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we create ultra low temperature control systems that support your medical or scientific work.